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KoolLogix x FSI (CEO)

Climate change is a global issue, and not just within Singapore.  In the latest retrofitting project for our client KoolLogix’s new head office, First Sight’s design team carefully layout and plan to successfully set up the new premise with recycled office furniture, reused glass, lights and carpets to reduce carbon footprints and contribute to our joint sustainability effort.

Zak Lo, CEO, First Sight Group says, “We specialises in pre-schools and commercial fits-outs, and being in the building and construction sector, material wastages is apparent due to the natural deterioration of furniture. We often seek out opportunities to giving furniture a second-life, refurnishing, or transforming an office table to a chair.”

“It was through this exercise that we found ourselves sharing a common purpose – to boost sustainability”, says CK Cheong, Chief Executive, KoolLogix. “We engaged First Sight to create an office space for us! We are impressed by their professionalism and pleased to share that the entire office furniture is pre-loved”.


KoolLogix x FSI (CEO)

From left: KoolLogix (CEO: Mr. CK Cheong); First Sight Group (CEO: Mr. Zak Lo)

KoolLogix focuses on delivering energy-saving solutions to cool data centres that help optimise limited resources while reducing carbon emissions. This reduces the need for cooling overcompensation by computer room air-conditioning units, which allows the operating temperature to remain in an optimal range for computer servers. Recently, KoolLogix has emerged as the top winner of this year’s Emerging Enterprise Awards 2022 jointly organised by The Business Times and OCBC for showing significant and sustainable growth despite the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

Mr. Cheong shared “Koollogix’s solution also does not use mechanical devices such as pumps or compressors which makes the overall system a low-pressure one.”




A successful set up with recycled office furniture, reused glass, lights and carpets to reduce carbon footprints.

Sources revealed that the built environment is responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions and 70% are attributed to building operations.

“Apart from commercial fit-outs, we create learning spaces for kindergartens as well. Through our years of constant innovation, we adopted integrative designs for our clients to meet their basic needs and expose our young to the circular economy. It is a collective effort to a sustainable future, and that starts at a young age! While many companies tend to prioritise cost over, the benefits of retrofitting an existing set up outweigh those costs, and exponentially help fight climate change! First Sight Group pledges to be part of the circular economy that involves designing and promoting products that last, reused, repaired, and remanufactured.”, adds Mr. Lo.


About First Sight Group

Headquartered in Singapore, First Sight Group specialises in turn-key pre-schools and commercial fit-outs.  With an in-house manufacturing facility, we innovate and distribute high-quality school teaching aids, functional furniture, interactive playground, and child-safe protection solutions.

With a team of over 80 industry experts, we provide cutting-edge commercial design and build services to create learning and lifestyle environment for our customers in the education and lifestyle industries.


About KoolLogix Pte Ltd

KoolLogix delivers an award-winning innovative energy-efficient data center heat removal solution that improves operational returns and environmental friendliness.
Based in Singapore, our solutions have been successfully adopted to handle high-density environment both as primary and secondary system for DC racked IT equipment cooling.
Our purpose is to ensure that data centers and their clients can benefit from our technology to further their ESG goals.


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