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What is WaterLiq

WaterLiq, with its product solutions consisting entirely of water, replaces the conventional way of cleaning or disinfecting surfaces, supports the reduction to the extent of preventing the use of antibiotics and other medicines in industrial animal husbandry and allows the avoidance of chemical treatments of plants and, for example, protects vineyards from mildew and grey mould.
WaterLiq thus creates a wide range of sustainable alternatives which make our entire environment healthier and therefore play an important role in consolidating health in our society.


Water is an element that can adapt to environmental changes because of its composition. Because of its properties, water is considered lawless in science.
WaterLiq products address exactly this characteristic. The composition of water has been modified with the help of an innovative technology to adapt it to the respective areas of application.
The adaptable nature of water enables us to develop a wide range of product solutions tailored to individual applications, which can be used both industrially and in normal households.

Why WaterLiq

WaterLiq has a unique technology that produces the oxidants chlorine dioxide from water and salt.Though lethal to viruses, it’s safe to be in contact with the eyes, skin and most materials. WaterLiq is the immediate solution for the fight against covid-19, use it in rooms, public transport, vehicles, indoor spaces and disinfecting at gantries.

How It Works

Utra-fine Waterliq droplets of 1 to 5 microns being generated by Ultrasonic Humidifiers in large spaces (each for 200 sqm) can last up to 10 hours when run continuously

The Waterliq ultra-fine droplets in the air, circulated by the airconditioner will inactivate COVID-19 virus upon contact in the air preventing aerosol infections and cross contamination on surfaces

No. of Humidifiers will depend on the coverage area in sqm.

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2 versions: Alu Profile / PVC Pipe

220V power supply required

Sensor Activated

Timer Off

Instant Inactivation of Virus, Bacteria, Microbes

Head to Toe Disinfection including under footwear

Dry Misting – 1 to 5 microns ultra-fine droplets**

Scalable Tank Capacity from 10L up

Economical Model

Very low maintenance

Indoor or Outdoor use

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